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Jul 14, 2018


Feston joins the crew of the Hundredfold as they race toward Captain Vulkor’s legendary tomb. Part 2 of 2.

StarTripper!! was created by Julian Mundy, and produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown.

"The Spot" was written & directed by Julian Mundy, sound designed by Mischa Stanton

With performances by:
Ian McQuown as Feston
Giselle De Silva as PROXY
Julian Mundy as Capt. Kaasil Saar
James Bachelor as Vulkor
Scotty Shoemaker as Museum Director
L. Jeffrey Moore as Aygo Exacta

Music by Ketsa
"Diversity" (ad music)
"Wild Plain" (title theme)
"Within the Earth"
"Burning Light"
"Get Ready"
"no fix"

Additional music by US Army Blues via the Free Music Archive

Twitter: @StarTripperHQ

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