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Dec 25, 2018

A bit of holiday temp-work goes sideways for Feston during Arbor Day celebrations aboard station Kinderkafig-7. But maybe Serena will learn something about holiday cheer? Any bets?

StarTripper!! is a former file-clerk’s search for the best experience the galaxy has to offer!

Transcript for this episode:
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Created by Julian Mundy
Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown
Written by Alexander Danner
Directed by Julian Mundy
Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

With performances by:
Ian McQuown as Feston
Sierra Shay as Proxy
Sammi Lappin as Serena
Kyle Payne as Estuban Tiallo P'parl
Jesse Abbott Chin as Delia Delia Storp
Paula Deming as Chlorissa Phylemina Claypots
Julian Mundy as Quimple-Bob Chumly
Jake Del Rio, James Oliva, and Tanya Milojevich as Arbor Day Hopefuls

Music by Ketsa –
This episode includes the following tracks:
“Diversity” [ad music]
"Wild Plain" [title theme]
"Quiet Moments"
"no turn back"
"fallen stars"
"Leaving Tomorrow "
"hope in endings"

Additional tracks courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
"#1 Wish" by Jahzzar
"Robot Holiday" by Bio Unit
"Sometimes" by Jahzzar

Thank you for flying with us!!