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Jun 4, 2022

**CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains depictions and discussions of sexuality in many forms.

In this special episode, Feston and the gang head to the famously unrestrained planet Erana, and are drawn into the most intimate corners of the galaxy's hottest holiday! 

StarTripper!! is a former file-clerk’s search for the best experience the galaxy has to offer! Transcript for this episode:
Twitter: @StarTripperHQ

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Created by Julian Mundy
Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown
Written by Julian Mundy & Kristen DiMercurio
Directed by Julian Mundy
Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

With performances by:
Ian McQuown as Feston
Sierra Shay as Proxy
Sammi Lappin as Serena
Chijioke Williams as Haegan
Regina Renée Russell as Lili
Kristen DiMercurio as Melza
Josh Rubino as Lunch
Brett Del Bueno as Rockney
Emma Sherr-Ziarko as Flunger Vendor
Additional voices by Mischa Stanton & Julian Mundy

Music by Ketsa –
“Wild Plain” [title theme]
“Slice of Sun”
“Greener Grass (remix)”
“How It Is”
“Me On The Inside”
“Just Because”
“Eternal Funk Palace”
“La Rona”
“Sunshine Send Off”
“Dream Teachers”
“Ambience 3”
“Can’t Touch Me”
“Some Thoughts”
“Get Down”
“Dusk and Dawn”
“Day Trips”

Additional music by Jahzzar:

Thank you for flying with us!!