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Jan 1, 2022

With slipspace lanes closed across Commonwealth space, Proxy charts a course for the long way round.

StarTripper!! is a former file-clerk’s search for the best experience the galaxy has to offer!

Transcript for this episode:
Twitter: @StarTripperHQ

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Created by Julian Mundy
Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown
Story by Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown
Written, Directed & Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

With performances by:
Ian McQuown as Feston
Sierra Shay as Proxy
Sammi Lappin as Serena
Chijioke Williams as Haegan
Sena Bryer as Tooper
Angélique Roché as Flannee
Tunisha Hubbard as Polta
Jesse Abbott Chin as Phase Gravely

Music by Ketsa –
“Wild Plain” [title theme]
“Star Blessed Night”
“A Box of Delights”
“Glow Flow”
“We Are Star Dust”
“Drowning In Air”
“One Wish”
“Solstice Sighing”
“Special Place”
“Chain Refractions”
“Dramatic Trailer 1”
“Sad Away”
“Beautiful Rain”
“Little Marvels”
“Mixed Up”

Additional music by Daniel Birch:
“Daylight Hours”
“Flowing Bells”

Additional music by Soularflair:
“Manic Kinetic”

Additional music by Blue Sky Moon:
“Hacked Atlas”

Additional music by One Man Book:
“Early Flight”

Thank you for flying with us!!