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Dec 4, 2021

Historical preservation is a demanding job, as the gang discovers on the surface of Quaro! Part 1 of 2.

StarTripper!! is a former file-clerk’s search for the best experience the galaxy has to offer!

Transcript for this episode:
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Created by Julian Mundy
Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown
Written & Directed by Julian Mundy
Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

With performances by:
Ian McQuown as Feston
Sierra Shay as Proxy
Sammi Lappin as Serena
Chijioke Williams as Tranquil Haegan
Tobin Mitnick as Kozek McKlee
Josh Rubino as Bolo

Music by Ketsa –
“Wild Plain” [title theme]
“Soul Work”
“Deep Mystery”
“Did You Ever”
“Origin Funk”
“Just For Fun”
“Quiet Moments”

Additional music by Soularflair:
“The Shadow Weeps”

Additional music by Jahzzar:
“Take A Walk”

Additional music by Blue Sky Moon:
“The Calm of a 12th Morning”

Thank you for flying with us!!